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Q: From New York times article "Nevada's Legal Brothels Make Worker feel safer" "In legal brothels, employees report that they feel safe, are free to come and go, and are bound only by their contract. Of the brothel workers we surveyed, 84 per cent said that their job felt safe. Workers report that they felt safe largely because the police, employers and co-workers were there to protect them." Why cant this model of prostitution be practiced throughout the rest of America?



This is a very selfish, privileged, individualistic way of ‘proving’ how prostitution can work. You have to understand that prostitution has the highest fatalities of any ‘profession’. You have to understand that prostitution doesn’t begin and end in the West, because women are exploited all over the fucking world. Women’s bodies everywhere are being commodified to the extent of generating money into the economy. We aren’t an experience/service you get to buy. 

The Dutch legalized prostitution, and they fucking regret it, because now it has become so rampant and unmanageable that there is trafficking of adults and minors, there’s so much more crime and the workers are living a lot more dangerously. 

From an ex prostitute (I’ve sourced all this shit in my previous answers to prostitution becoming legal), she said that ‘prostitution isn’t a choice, because it’s a decision made by women who DON’T HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE’. If these women were given an array of opportunities, say they were offered 10 different jobs ranging from a doctor, to a prostitute, do you really think these ‘empowered’ women would choose to still prostitute? No. I don’t know why you people keep defending prostitution, with these same questions and statements that I keep responding to. 

I live in a town where prostitution is legal and brothels are everywhere and so I want to weigh in here.

Anons reference to the article that claims prostitutes supposedly “feel” safer (notably not that they ARE safer) is questionable and misses the point.

The legalization of prostitution in my state began being rolled out 2 decades ago. The legislation passed - with only minor debate and not much resistance - because it was sold to the general public based on how much ‘safer’ the prostitutes would supposedly be. We were told they would be able to be in organized and powerful Unions; and (as a promised bonus)people were told it would reduce sex crimes against non-prostituted women in the areas where brothels were established - because “men would no longer be sexually frustrated enough to rape!” Many women believed this because they mistakenly believed men rape due to women denying them sex, (so it was a “better her than me” betrayal of women, by women who might otherwise have objected but remained silent due to fear of rape and rape culture). This ‘less rape’ argument also implied there are 2 ‘types’ of women! presumably Madonnas; and whores who deserve what they get. The third argument we were offered was that pimps would no longer get away with making money on the black-market.

So, did legalization work?

Essentially, no; studies (and police records) in the years following the legalization of prostitution and brothels show a number of things.

There is still illegal trafficking of girls and women. Legalizing a brothel therefore does not mean the prostituted women in brothels are safer - or even choosing to be there!! (Last year 150 women from other countries were rescued from a handful of ‘legal’ brothels near my house, from one police raid!)

What else do the studies show? ‘On the job’ violence against the prostituted women by Johns is still a problem (in other words, it is still a dangerous ‘profession’ no matter where it is conducted). There are no real or effective unions (Unions are supposed to have political power and power to protect themselves, their pay and ensure safe working conditions).

The majority of the pimps/brothel owners (now considered ‘legitimate businessmen’ by the Government) are still the same organized crime syndicates that ran prostitution before, they just pay (some, not much) tax now. In fact it is estimated they are making more money because they can open more brothels; but now the prostitutes have to pay tax (when before they didn’t) from the blood-money they get.

So the real differences from legalized prostitution in my town is: it is now easier for pimps to hide the trafficking of women; and now the Government get some revenue from it!!!

As for the expected drop in rape rates (which should never have been an argument in the first place) - studies of statistics reveal that rape statistics in the general population often go UP in areas around the brothels - and street prostitutes are raped no less often. The analysts believe this is because - when the use of women’s bodies is legally and socially sanctioned - men feel more “entitled” to women’s bodies. (no surprise there)

After legalization, there is also much less social stigma for the MEN who use prostituted women - but not for the prostituted women who are - 20 years later - still just as looked down on by society as they ever were.

So, I believe that all women should be wary of claims about how brilliant legal prostitution is supposed to be - the only true winners in my town have been the brothel owners, the Johns and the Government! 

It may (or - in reality - may not!) be ‘safer’ to be a prostitute in a brothel if compared to being one on the street - but this is a vacuous argument anyway, because there is an even safer and more OBVIOUS alternative - abolish prostitution altogether. The only true way to protect these women - is for them to NOT be prostituted at all! (By making it illegal to buy women’s bodies, and prosecute pimps for selling them - not the prostitutes.)

Being and Being Bought - Prostitution and Surrogacy by Kajsa Ekis Ekman is a superb book that examines prostitution in Sweden and looks at the 3 year Swedish government study (of both statistical information and extensive interviews with prostitutes) and is a book which may just make pro-legalization voices (like anon’s) falter. (I suggest pro-legalizing-prostitution proponents read it before they say another word that demonstrates just how ignorant they are.)

The best thing about the book is that is reveals that the organizations and ‘sex-work unions’ that supposedly represent prostitutes - just don’t. They are mostly organized and run by men, and membership of actual prostitutes in these organizations is super low, and in some cases non-existent. These organizations are not the voice of women in prostitution! (and I suspect the article anon referred to is not either.)

It is all just propaganda. And guess who it serves?

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Leslie Morgan Steiner was in an abusive relationship, though at first she didn’t realize it. In a talk at TEDxRainier, she tells the disturbing story of her relationship, correcting misconceptions many people hold about victims of domestic violence, and explaining how we can all help break the silence.

If you or someone you know is facing domestic violence or an absuive relationship, you can find a list of resources here. The U.S. National Sexual Assault Hotline is 1-800-656-4673 (HOPE), and RAINN offers a secure online hotline.

"   What we really despise is the idea of rapists: a terrifying monster lurking in the bushes, waiting to pounce on an innocent girl as she walks by. But actual rapists, men who are usually known to (and often loved by) their victims? Men who are sometimes our sports heroes, political leaders, buddies, boyfriends and fathers? Evidence suggests we don’t despise them nearly as much as we should.   "
-Jaclyn Freidman (via femmephrodite)


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